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Mission – Vision

We work hard every day to be the recognized leader in the medical radiation protection business. Our leadership is created through customer satisfaction. We aim to keep our leadership in the industry by successfully implementing innovative ways of serving our customers’ needs and retaining high performance people by being the preferred place to work. We drive efficiency throughout the organization which strengthens our focus on our customers’ needs and wants. We are maintaining a company that is admired and valued by our stockholders, customers, employees, and the community at large.


For about a year and a half, Burlington Medical researched and then developed a solution for managing the aprons that its sells. Hospitals often have 500 to 1,500 aprons or more within their facilities, distributed among the numerous departments in which imaging is carried out. The aprons, which contain materials that block X-ray radiation, are worn by staff members during imaging, in order to protect them from radiation exposure, and must be inspected by hospital employees on an annual basis to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Burlington Medical History

In 1969, Dennis Swartz established BMS as a small X-ray apron repair operation. As the industry grew, Burlington began to manufacture its own aprons, and recognized the need for custom fitting. A wider range of sizes for both women and men, along with custom sizing and custom embroidery, made BMS an industry leader. Our product offerings have continued to expand and include a full line of accessories. BMS strives for innovation and focuses our efforts on developing the lightest, most comfortable aprons available. As the market evolves, so do our efforts to provide you the best products available.

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